How to enter into contract?

How to enter into contract?

First possibility is to fill out the application form on and then make order. Another option is to download the application, fill it out and send it by e-mail to  Third option would be to visit the office at Paljassaare põik 5.

What are the prices for waste disposal collection?

Prices can be found on our website Collection rates are the same in all five districts.

If I do not have a contract?

All properties in the region Organized waste transport must be combined with waste transport. Refuse transport agreement have been required to submit an application in waste center Tallinn,

What happens after the contract is signed?

After the contract is signed, the  Customer Service of Tallinn Waste Centre will send you a collection schedule. You can access it also on the website Additionally, you can find service related information on our self-service e-prugi website.

Is the previous contract still valid?

The old hauling contract will lose its validity in the districts of organized waste management.  If you rent containers from a previous carrier, you will be able to continue that lease agreement, or contact with another supplier, or buy the containers.

The containers are not a part of the organized waste management system.

 What is self-service?

It is an electronic environment accessed with an ID card or via bank. Your contact information as well as information about your contract, invoices, and correspondence can be found, there. You can pay your bills via the self-service electronic environment.

How to make changes in the collection service?

Any change in services or contracts is done by phone or e-mail to  Changes are made on the basis of the actual amount of waste generated by the household and the minimum requirements in the Terms and Conditions of the waste management system

What additional services can be ordered?

The available additional services can be found on the price list posted on our website.

On what days is the waste collected?

After submitting a service request, you will receive a schedule of collection days, which is drawn up according to the greatest number of clients that can be serviced on your street at the same time. The collection schedule is also published on our website

What is a shared waste container?

It is a case of several clients sharing the use of a container. For use of shared container users must sign an agreement to that effect and the application must be submitted to the Tallinn Waste Centre for approval. Users must choose a representative among them who corresponds with the city and pays the hauling bills.

What if collection did not take place according to schedule?

If a collection did not occur, please contact the Tallinn Waste Centre immediately. It may be necessary to order an unscheduled collection.

Where to turn for advice or problem solving?

All waste related issues and concerns are to be submitted to the  Customer Service of Tallinn Waste Centre by phone 616 4000, or by e-mail to, or by regular mail to Paljassaare põik 5, 10313.