Invoicing and payment incl. e-invoice standing order agreement

Dear customer,

Kindly allow us to remind you how the system of invoicing, and the settlement of accounts, works.

Tallinna Jäätmekeskus (Tallinn Waste Centre) submits an invoice whether paper-based or in pdf-format according to the choice a customer has made, i.e. either e-mail, an online bank, or E-arvekeskus (for corporate customers).

The account then has to be settled by the date indicated therein.

There are many options a customer can choose from to settle their accounts:

  • by logging onto and using the e-service
  • by an e-invoice standing order agreement with their banks
  • by using online banking
  • by visiting a bank
  • by using ATMs

NB! Customers having used the direct debit service so far to settle their accounts for the services rendered by Tallinna Jäätmekeskus will have been entered into an agreement with their banks to use the e-invoice standing order agreement instead.

Customers who wish to make use of the e-invoice standing order agreement for automatically settling their accounts can do so with SEB Bank, Nordea Bank, and Danske Bank by choosing Tallinna Jäätmekeskus as the beneficiary of the payment; or TALLINNA LINNAKANTSELEI Jäätmed when using Swedbank.


 Sincerely yours,

Waste Centre of Tallinn