Bulky waste

After renovation, cleaning or buying new furniture, people take out old armchairs, closets and other large unnecessary things from their homes and offices, putting them beside the waste container and then forgetting to have that bulky waste removed. Tallinn Waste Centre reminds you that removal of bulky waste must be ordered within 7 days after putting them out.

We recommend that you do not store bulky waste in stairwells, basements and balconies, but instead take them out and order their removal at once. This way you can also save and distribute trash removal costs over time, because waste removal with a large multilift container generally entails a container installation fee. There is also additional time cost, because if you order a multilift container for a weekend removal of bulky waste, you will have to deal with the waste for a second time (first – from the apartment into the basement and second – from the basement to the waste container outside).

Bulky waste is also generated by business clients and institutions, e.g. office furniture, carpets, curtains, etc.

To help you get rid of waste, we offer bulky waste removal services for apartment associations, private households and enterprises in the region of Northern Tallinn, Haabersti, City Centre and Kristiine. When ordering the service, please make a visual estimate of the waste volume in cubic metres or let us know what you want to hand over, e.g. a mattress, an armchair, etc. You can place and order via e-mail: info@prugi.ee. The price list is available on our homepage: www.prugi.ee. Your questions are welcome via telephone: 6164 000.

Christmas trees can also be handed over at the location of generating the waste, on the immovable property, by ordering a separate Christmas tree removal service. Place an order via e-mail: info@prugi.ee.

Bulky waste is not considered to include construction waste, large products of concern like car wrecks, electrical or electronic equipment or waste electrical or electronic equipment (including washing machines, TV sets, refrigerators, electrical cookers) and other waste subject to producer’s extended liability.

People can also hand in their bulky waste by themselves at waste stations. Usable furniture is taken in free-of-charge there. Unusable furniture is subject to take-in fee pursuant to the waste station’s price list. In addition to bulky waste, waste stations also take in common electronic appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, TV sets, etc.) for free. Read more about opportunities to hand in waste and about waste station locations on our webpage “ABC OF WASTE”, section “Tallinn waste stations”: http://www.prugi.ee/portal/en/tallinna-jaatmejaamad/.